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Welcome to Inland Directory Merchant elist "Subscribe / Unsubscribe"

This is the "Merchant" (Business Owner) Email List (eList)

If you are not a Business Owner, and have received an email from us, you may remove yourself from this elist and use our Consumer Email List by Clicking Here.

* As a Merchant, you are also a consumer and may want to subscribe to both elist.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, please enter your email address in the box below and click on "Submit".

Please note:
So no one may subscribe / unsubscribe you without your knowledge or consent our system will send an email verification to the email submitted in the box below with a confirmation link that you must click on to accept the action (subscribe / unsubscribe)

When verified, your email will be added or deleted instantly from our system.

If you do not confirm a subscribe, the system will delete your email within 14 days and you will not receive email from us till confirmed.
If you do not confirm a unsubscribe our system will assume that you did not make that demand and your email will not be deleted.

You may subscribe or unsubscribe from our lists at any time.

Your email address is kept in a database and not on some .txt file on the internet for everyone to see.
Our system is automated, so there is no need to email us, as it would take us more time to add or delete you from our system.

All subscribe / unsubscribe requests must be confirmed via email.

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