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 Welcome To "BAM" ... our internal Ad Display Program!

Join our "BAM" program (Banner Ad Management) and you'll be able to control your own advertisement, on your own time 24/7.
We have many sizes to choose from. Ads are placed around main directories throughout our web site.

How Does It Work?

Very Simple and fully automated:
  - Go to the sign-up page and fill the form. (After sign-up you will be able to log-in with your password and manage your account 24/7).
  - Pick the size of the Ad and the campaign you would like to run on inland directory.
  - Enter the "url" address you want people to go to when clicking on your banner (http://www.Your_Business .com)
  - Upload your "banner" to our server with a few clicks. (if you do not have a banner we can create one for you)
  - Pay for the campaign.
  - You're done.. your ad will start running instantly. (After approval)

Note: You can have multiple campaign under your account and each campaign can point to the same "url" (www.your_business. com) or each campaign can point to a different "url" ( / promo_02.html) or you can have you banner point to your business listing in our directory. ( com)

A campaign is a banner size + number of exposures you choose.

1> Deposit $xxx in your account.
2> Build a campaign (pick a banner size + number of exposure you want)
3> Enter the "URL" address for that campaign

  - Campaign A:
      5000 exposures with ad size 140 x 70 px. to point to "url" http://your_business_1. com

  - Campaign B:
       1000 exposures with ad size 140 x 600 px point to "url" http://your_business_2. com

  - Campaign C:
       1000 exposures with ad size 468 x 60 px point to "url" html

  - Campaign D:
       2500 exposures with ad size 140 x 140 px point to "url"

Every time you built and execute a campaign the $$$ value of that campaign will be deducted from your account.

Real-Time Statistics And Reporting!
You can access your control panel by Login in 24 hours a day to check your ad stats.
There you will see: account balance, traffic count for each banner ad, click through for each banner ad, (by the day, week, month, year) remaining exposures, and more.

Note before signing up for an account:
- All banners will go through approval before becoming live. (That include link also)
- All banners modification(s) will go through re- approval before becoming live again.
- We reserve the right of non approval for any reason. (This is a business directory that is accessible by kids, so keep it clean, and use good judgment. We will screen mostly porn, offensive, etc...)
- If you are not sure, send us an email with link to your banner and destination url and we will let you know.

Sample ad Sizes and location:  Box With Sizes & Banner Location  ::  Images

Don't have a banner? email us

Sign-up & open an account


Sample Banner
140 x 280 px

More Samples
"Box Only"

   Banners Ads size available to choose from :: (Note that banners are shown in different places according to their size)
Banner Size (Exact) Size in inches / Exact size Banner Location Pages Banner is showed on
500 x 350 - *(Billboard) 7" x 5" (6.944" x 4.861") Center Page " Sample" (* Must eMail us) Main Entrance Site
580 x 350 - *(Billboard) 8" x 5" (8.056" x 4.861") Center Page "Sample" All Free Listings Page Search Result
 500 x 80 px 7" x 1" ( 6.944" x 1.111") Top Main Page and Search Result
 140 x 600 px 2" x 8" (1.944" x 8.333")  Right Side Main Page and Search Result
 140 x 70 px
2" x 1" (1.944" x 0.972")  Right Side Sub-Directories Browsing
 140 x 140 px 2" x 2" (1.944" x 1.944")  Right Side Sub-Directories Browsing
 140 x 280 px 2" x 4" (1.944" x 3.888")  Right Side Sub-Directories Browsing
 500 x 60 px 6" x 1" ( 6.5" x 0.833") Top Sub-Directories Browsing